Cultivating a Passion for Our Parks

We are an independent, community-driven 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that collaborates with the City of Allentown to expand and enhance our parks and develop recreation programs that meet the community’s diverse needs.

The City of Allentown has been collaborating with the Harry C. Trexler Trust since 2019 to explore the development of an organization that could augment the City’s parks and programs. We’ve been listening to Allentown residents, Parks and Recreation staff, and civic leaders to learn more about the needs of Allentown’s parks and people.

We also engaged some of the most accomplished parks and conservancy professionals nationwide to arrive at a model that would best support the City’s operation.

The Allentown Parknership builds on the legacy of General Harry C. Trexler, considered by many to be the Father of the Allentown Park System. The Trexler Trust provided the guidance, management expertise and seed funding to bring the Allentown Parknership to life as a independent entity.

The Allentown Parknership will focus on unmet needs including capital projects like WPA structures, stream bank remediation, trails and trailhead improvements, and spray parks as well as programmatic needs like youth-centered environmental learning, activities at the underutilized Union Terrace, and programs targeting our older residents and women. Our community-based board of directors will collaborate with the City to prioritize projects and programs.

With our model, we will not assume any current responsibilities of the City or its employees. We will not fund any typical maintenance or existing programs, or reduce parks and recreation budgets. We will not get involved with day-to-day decisions of the parks management and staff.

Essentially, we will do things that we and the City deem important, but until now have not had the financial resources to accomplish.

The Allentown Parknership provides a way for people who love our parks to support them with their time or money. As a 501(c)(3) organization, we can accept donations from individuals, businesses and foundations – even if you’re outside the City. We can apply for grants from government entities and private organizations. We can recruit and nurture volunteers. And we can think creatively to deliver the programs and parks infrastructure that people want and need.