Announcing The Allentown Parknership

Union Terrace Park, showing the pond surrounded by trees, with an aerating fountain in the middle of the water. In the distance, a family is seated by the water, enjoying a beautiful Spring day.

New Allentown Parknership not-for-profit to boost city’s beloved parks and vital recreation programs Allentown’s acclaimed parks system has a substantial new supporter. The Allentown Parknership, an independent, community-driven not-for-profit organization, has been formed to collaborate with the City of Allentown to expand and enhance the city’s 44 parks and playgrounds and develop recreation programs that … Read more

20+ trees planted in City parks

A backhoe is preparing the planting area for a new tree that will grow at the 5th Street Playlot Old Fairgrounds Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania

This April, The Allentown Parknership provided more than $4,000 for the purchase of 22 trees — 10 Redbud, 5 Armstrong Maple, 5 Okame and 2 Pin Oak – for planting by the Allentown Parks crew. They were planted in Keck Park, Mack Pool, Percy Ruhe Park, 5th Street Playlot (Old Fairgrounds) and 9th and Jackson. … Read more