Community board members and volunteers sought

The Allentown Parknership is in the process of forming its volunteer board of directors over the next several months. When ... Read more
Union Terrace Park, showing the pond surrounded by trees, with an aerating fountain in the middle of the water. In the distance, a family is seated by the water, enjoying a beautiful Spring day.

Announcing The Allentown Parknership

New Allentown Parknership not-for-profit to boost city’s beloved parks and vital recreation programs Allentown’s acclaimed parks system has a substantial ... Read more
A backhoe is preparing the planting area for a new tree that will grow at the 5th Street Playlot Old Fairgrounds Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania

20+ trees planted in City parks

This April, The Allentown Parknership provided more than $4,000 for the purchase of 22 trees — 10 Redbud, 5 Armstrong ... Read more